Sunday, October 16, 2005

AntiWaltz - Piano, Improv

AntiWaltz pt 1, 04:03

AntiWaltz pt 2, 02:02

AntiWaltz pt 3, 00:43

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Please let me know how you like it.
the AntiWaltz
October 15, 2005
Just another of my improv pieces, this one kinda working through a funky bass pattern
For some strange reason it switched to, apparently, waltz time.
As always, I could be wrong; I'm not trained well enough to speak with confidence.

All three pieces were part of a single recording session.
If you are sure you'll listen to the whole thing, start with part one. Its a little rough, and if you are at all prone to giving up on a piece because of the first 40 seconds, I would rather you start with part 2. Part 3 is really short, and could count as one of my improvised sketches. I'm pretty happy with parts 2 and 3, really.


Blogger Maja said...

It's quite dark!

21 January, 2006 19:33  
Blogger Maja said...

I really like pt 2.

21 January, 2006 19:37  

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