Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome to SafeTunes.

Welcome. This is SafeTinspector's music blog. I'm SafeTinspector.
Most of this stuff manifests in the following ways.
  • Piano, Live
    • Live performance of a complete composed piece. Unedited, warts and all.
  • Piano, Improv.
    • Live, improvised piano performance. Made up on-the-spot. Unedited in any way.
  • Piano, Sketch.
    • Live, really short piano piece. Intended to have a haiku-like effect.
  • Piano, Arranged.
    • May have performed elements, but has been arranged/sequenced in CakeWalk or something.
  • 8-Bit, Arranged.
    • My REALLY old stuff. Sequenced on a 386 with an original Sound Blaster.
  • 16-Bit, Arranged.
    • Kinda old. Sequenced with CakeWalk Pro and performed on a wavetable sound card of some kind or another.
    In each case you have access to an MP3 file of the specific performance and some information about the music. I am not a trained musician, and I may not actually know anything useful about the tune you are listening to.
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